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While some Chinatowns have retained their status as the ethnic Chinese enclave, many of them have lost that status.

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A historic district of 50 wood-frame buildings along Main Street, Key Street and River Road was designated a historic district in 1990.

S.'s first suburban Chinatown (in Monterey Park, California) according to the Los Angeles Times and is now one of the Chinese enclaves in the San Gabriel Valley.

According to the same source, starting in 1977, Frederic Hsieh bought up multiple properties in an effort to create what he described would be a "mecca for Chinese".

Given its relative proximity to East Asia and Southeast Asia, California has the largest number of Chinese among the American states, including the well-known Chinatown in San Francisco, an all-Chinese town of Locke built by Chinese immigrants, and Chinatowns in various cities throughout the state.

There was a Chinatown in Eureka, which was established around the 1880s.

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