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Katju had earlier accused Justice Balakrishnan and two other former CJIs of “improper compromises” in retaining a Tamil Nadu judge under corruption cloud during United Progressive Alliance (UPA) rule.

Justice Balakrishnan had dubbed the allegations as baseless.

Katju said that one day during lunch interval, he went to Justice Kapadia’s chamber and told him about the “bad reputation” of that judge, giving details.

“I told him that I was not in the Supreme Court collegium, but he was, and now it was for him to do whatever he thinks proper, and I have done my duty.“There was no use informing Justice Balakrishnan since it was he who was pushing for the judge’s elevation to the Supreme Court,” he wrote.

Somebody approached Shamsuddin so why should I resign? Despite KGB's denial, Shamsuddin's fresh allegations against the former CJI indeed raised a new controversy.

The Left parties in Kerala, however, claimed that Justice Shamsuddin must back his claims and should reveal the name of the person who allegedly wanted approach Balakrishnan's family members. R editor SOS e Clarion of Dalit & SOS e Voice for Justice# LIG 2 , No 761 , HUDCO First Stage , Laxmikantanagar , Hebbal , Mysore – 570017 , Karnataka State.....

New Delhi: Stoking a fresh controversy, Press Council of India (PCI) chairperson Justice Markandey Katju on Monday alleged that the then Chief Justice of India (CJI)K. Balakrishnan had pushed for the elevation of a Madras high court judge with “bad reputation” to the Supreme Court.

A day would come when even air & water will be taxed." Sir Winston made this statement in the House of Commons just before the independence of India & Pakistan.

A former judge of the Supreme Court, Katju made the fresh claims on his blog while also reacting to remarks made by Justice Kapadia, in response to his Sunday’s post.

Justice Kapadia had said that he had not brought to Supreme Court any unfit judge.“I may remind him (Kapadia) that the Supreme Court collegium, headed by (then) CJI K. Balakrishnan, and of which Justice Kapadia was a member, almost succeeded in bringing a totally unfit person into the Supreme Court,” Katju said.

The person who posess SR can give infor mation about guilty judges.

Why CPIO not asking that person to share infor mation ? If a commonman is alleged of a petty crime he is immediately arrested , put behind bars. The action of CPIO SCI amounts to cover up of judges & their crimes. With respect to previous RTI Appeals also CPIO & RTI First Appellate Authority SCI have repeatedly committed crimes by covering up judges & their crimes.

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