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Outlining this debate, the paper at hand gives an even if eclectic account of a controversy that spans over more than two and a half centuries.

Keywords Monarchy; Succession; Lineage; Enlightenment. Dmitry Poldnikov: The Functional Method as the Staple of Comparative Studies of European Legal History in the Early 21st Century?

The fact, that this was not completely accepted by other powerful people of that time made it necessary for Alfons X. This article highlights different functions of the Siete Partidas of King Alfons X.

of Castile based on a discourse analysis and a hermeneutical interpretation.

For this reason those sections within this draft, which are dealing with customary law and legal interpretation, will be edited in the annex to this contribution.

Keywords civil law; Codex Theresianus; codification; customary law; legal interpretation unification of law. Zu verschiedenen Funktionen der Siete Partidas Alfons X.

Europeanisation of legal scholarship and legal education facilitates the emergence of comparative legal science as a promising fresh tool to discover similarities and differences between two or more jurisdictions and their development in the past through their comparison.

Yet, the specific methodology of such studies is still not clear.

Ein Beitrag im Hinblick auf 300 Jahre Maria Theresia This contribution, relying on preliminary publications, picks-up the performances rendered by the Commission for drafting the Codex Theresianus as a general Civil code for all Austrian hereditary provinces within the period between 17 at Brno.

The articles must fulfill the criteria written in the guidelines for authors.

The executive editor decides on whether to publish the articles and in which order.

Some legal historians hold the opinion that comparative legal history does not or should not have its own methodology other than that of comparative law.

Others warn against imposing on legal history the contemporary agenda and toolbox.

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