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I’m sure there is a more detailed, politically correct version of these definitions but I’ll just share with you the ballpark definitions I’ve been familiar with. The women, not so much, but I have met and known several ‘butch’ lesbians here.

Gay/Lesbian — Men who look like men who prefer the same. For the most part though the lesbian women here are not ‘butch’ and in every way appear as if they are straight.

That can be quite a bummer for us single guys since more often than not they are very attractive.

Effeminate – These are still same as gays but here in the Philippines they sort of have their own distinction.

These are not the big shouldered, hairy-backed drag-queens I’ve seen along Los Angeles boulevard or Sunset Strip.I don’t know if they are the same thing as women’s contraceptives, but seem to be similar.I asked one ladyboy what sort of changes do the pills make.For them it does not stop at just putting on nice dress and shoes or plucking eyebrows.Despite the local poverty level many of the ladyboys here find a way to support their need for constant doses of female hormones.

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