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We highly recommend Voice Application Development for Android to anyone interested in developing voice activated or virtual assistant apps for Android devices.

This highly accessible book contains enough detail and code to teach you all the basics of Android voice development.

At this point, the book presents the technique of using similarity measures to match the recognized speech with a range of output selections (the names of installed apps).

Simple dialogs are presented using an example app that can fill out forms.

In fact, even more code is bundled with the book and available as a free download.

Following the steps in the book, a reader with a little Android programming experience can easily create his own sample voice apps.

Then, the authors introduce a simple app that performs a search based on the recognized words.

As a next step, they introduce an app that can launch another app based on a voice command.

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Foundation news items, announcements, press releases and opinions.Signup below for free chat Fort Wayne or browse Indiana Chat Rooms for more cities.We never ask for registration or verification and our website is completely free and anonymous., Now the RCC is Controlling Members Cremation, Yom Teruah..The book covers a range of technologies involved in the development of Android voice apps, including voice recognition, text-to-speech synthesis, grammars, multimodal input and dialogs.As the book is concerned with Android development, many of the technologies discussed in detail are Google products.

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