Updating canadian citizenship card

`The Consular Services Hours are from 9 am to am, Monday to Friday (except Statutory Holidays).(Please be advised that it takes at least 9-13 months for Nova Scotia to process one Citizenship Application.

For information of applying for/renewing a Canadian Citizenship Certificate, please Get proof of citizenship.

Keep in mind that in 2012, CIC changed the format of the proof of Canadian citizenship from a laminated citizenship card with a photo to a paper document with security features including all of your personal information and a barcode.

When the barcode is scanned, your picture will be displayed.

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For Citizenship Application, please refer to Application for A Citizenship Certificate (Proof of Citizenship Under Section 3).

Applicant (the Canadian parent or the non-Canadian parent) must come in person at the time of lodgement due to security reasons. For photo specifications for Citizenship Certificates, please refer to Citizenship application photograph specifications.

To apply for a Canadian passport, you must first apply for proof of Canadian citizenship using this application. If you were born inside Canada, your birth certificate is proof of your Canadian citizenship.

But, you can also apply for a Canadian citizenship certificate as well using these forms.

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